Guidelines for Submitting Photos:

  1. Subject Matter: photos for the website should feature the Saginaires, the Northern Aurora, or Northcoast Academy in uniform and in good taste. (Nothing depicted that might have resulted in Sentry Duty or other corps punishment for the individual in question.) Photos of official corps functions, especially with members/alumni wearing corps jackets, are also appropriate.
  2. File Size/Format: as the web admin has a broadband connection and is an accomplished Photoshop Artist, all file sizes and types will be accepted. Be advised that photos may be resized to accommodate the site design.
  3. Mailing Photographs: the web admin does own a scanner; however, the web admin also works a full-time job. If you choose to mail your actual photographs, you may choose to a.) make color copies and send those; b.) have reprints made (usually costing less than 50¢ apiece) and send those; or c.) be prepared to wait a few weeks for your photographs to be returned to you. The Saginaires Alumni Association cannot be held responsible for the misdoings of the U.S. Postal Service.
  4. Accompanying Information: please include a brief description of the photo, including the year, full names of subjects (if you can recall them), and the location, along with your name and years marched. If the photo is or has been copyrighted by Jolesch, Bateman, or another studio, please include this information. If the photo was taken by a member, volunteer, alumnus, etc., please include his or her name for photo credit.

By following the above guidelines, we can be certain that everyone is properly credited ("Hey! These people don't even remember my name? Fine bunch of alumni these are..."). Still interested in submitting a photo? E-mail the web admin with your image(s) and information, and (pending approval) your photo will be posted ASAP!