Frequently Asked Questions about
the Saginaires Youth Organization

Q: What happened to the corps? Did NA finally fold?
A: The corps is still officially "inactive," according to the latest reports from SYO staff. The last year NA fielded a competitive corps was 1996. A parade corps was attempted in 1997, but was disbanded due to lack of membership.
Q: Is Bob Waskoviak still in charge?
A: Yes. In addition, Steve Yoder is the program coordinator and director of the winterguard and indoor drumline.
Q: We have a winterguard? Are they good?
A: The Saginaires Youth Organization has recently fostered two winter activities. The first, the Northcoast Academy winterguard, was founded in 1998 and consistently performed well in Independent Class A competitions from their inception. The Northcoast Academy indoor drumline was founded in 2001, and placed first in the WGI Independent Open Percussion class in 2003. The Northcoast Academy Performance Ensembles have their own website.
Q: Anyway, I heard a rumor that Bob sold off all the equipment. Is this true?
A: To an extent. NA was forced into inactivity due to mounting debt; in order to balance the books, some liquidation was necessary. The hornline was one of the oldest three-valve lines in DCI, having been purchased in the early 90's, and was sold to another Division III corps before they could lose their value. The corps' drumline was returned to the manufacturer, as NA didn't own the line per se—however, Northcoast did purchase a new set of percussion equipment in the Spring of 2003. It has also been reported that Bob finally managed to sell the corps' equipment trailer, despite its unusual hitch.
Q: Is there another alumni reunion in the works?
A: There were highly successful reunions in 2002 and 2003, so much so that there now appears to be a permanently scheduled annual reunion. Reunions will be held the Saturday after Labor Day, at Tittabawassee park in Freeland MI. (The Saginaires Alumni Association—that is to say, the Web Admin and Co-Chairs—are not involved in the planning of these reunions... only publicity. Our earlier picnics weren't nearly so well received.) :-)
Q: What is this "Alumni Association" all about?
Back in the summer of 1998, a few Northern Aurora alumni decided we wanted to help the corps get back on its feet. We came up with a list of goals and means to achieve them, including raising money for the Saginaires Youth Organization. We started an alumni database and newsletter, and sent out both e-mail and printed copies of the newsletters. Over time, however, the initial positive response from the alumni waned, and the focus of the SAA shifted to hosting annual alumni picnics, keeping an alumni database listing, and maintaining the alumni webpage.
Q: So, what happened to the old NA page?
A: Since Northern Aurora has been inactive since 1996, the old page format wasn't really applicable. The site was in need of a major overhaul and more comprehensive updates—the content hadn't been updated for at least a year, and the design itself hadn't been updated since 1998. Since the usage of the page had turned away from member updates and current NA news, this new format was established to keep alumni in touch with the activity and each other.
Q: Does anyone have the video from the year I marched?
A: The Web Admin has in her possession videos from 1986-1988 (thanks to the Bovenschens), 1991, 1992, and 1996. Unfortunately, the 1991 and 1992 videos belong to other alumni, and are copy-protected at that. Also, since the Saginaires / Northern Aurora never made it into the DCI Top 12, our corps are not represented on the new 1974-1999 DVD "Legacy Collection" offered by Drum Corps International. The alumni forums should be an ideal place to request dubs of corps performances not otherwise available to the general marching public.
Q: Is the bus from the 1988 bus accident really buried under the practice field at the corps hall?
A: Sorry, that's classified.